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Join Windy City Playhouse for a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience! With just 30 audience members per performance, this immersive production welcomes you to wander about the “set” at your own leisure. You’ll act as a fly on the wall, overseeing all the juicy drama unfold up close. With SOUTHERN GOTHIC, we welcome you to choose your own adventure.

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"The tone of the experience shifts from one room to another. If you want more serious drama, stay in the dining room. If you want to be involved in scandal, stay in kitchen. And if you want a lighter, more jovial evening, stay in the living room." SOUTHERN GOTHIC Director David H. Bell defines the personality of this southern home.

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Craft cocktails, high-end wines, and local beers make our lobby bar unique. Come early to kick off your night out with a cocktail and stay late to mingle with our artists!