Apartment 3A: A Look at Magical History

“True story. On his deathbed, Houdini made this promise. One last trick, as it were. He told his wife that one year after he died, on the following Halloween night, he wanted her to gather all of his closest friends right there in that very same room and hold a séance. And during that séance, if there truly were an afterlife, a heaven, a God of any kind, he would come to them. Proving it was so. Well, guess what? They’re still waiting.” (Annie, Apartment 3a, 38).

In Annie’s attempt to persuade Elliot to doubt his belief in God, she spews some information on Houdini. The moment always elicits laughter from the audience, but did you know this is actually true?

Houdini promised his wife, Bess that he would contact her from the other side. Immediately after his death, Bess attempted a séance with his close friends. Nothing occurred, but she continued to try for ten more years. Even after she stopped the attempt to bring her husband back, other fans did not, and continue to this day. According to a reporter Kevin Pilley, who had the opportunity to sit at the séance in 2004 (first reporter to do so), the group will place Houdini’s handcuffs in the middle of the table. These are meant to be similar to the handcuffs from which Houdini escaped in 1904, and it is believed that if he could open the handcuffs from the dead, he would.

In case you are interested in more, here is a recording of the last “official” séance on October 31, 1936. Houdini died on October 31, 1926 (ten years prior). Take a look!

Houdini may not make his appearance in Apartment 3A, but there certainly is some magic! Be sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

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