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“Jerry Maguire, hang up your cell phone; Ari Gold, park your Ferrari. Make room for the super sports agent of ‘King Liz'”

In the fast-paced, cut-throat world of sports agents, Liz is not letting anyone discount her skill — and most certainly not because of her race or her sex. But when a volatile young client steps way out of line, “King Liz” may finally have met her match. This summer, the Playhouse presents the Chicago premiere of this wise-cracking portrait of a woman in a man’s world.



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  • NIGHTCAPS ~ Each week, following the Wednesday evening performance of KING LIZ (approx. 9:30PM) one member of the cast or creative team will be leading a fireside chat about the artistic process – a great, casual chance to connect one-on-one with the artists involved.
  • TALKBACKS ~ Following select performances, we will host talk-backs in our theater featuring members of our cast, creative team, and community. These slightly more traditional Q&As are ideal to hear from a broad array of artists about the creative process.
  • CONNECT ONLINE ~ Want to learn more about our creative process, but can’t attend events in person? Follow our blog for exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.



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Fernanda Coppel, PlaywrightChuck Smith, DirectorCourtney O'Neill, Scenic Designer
Elsa Hiltner, Costume DesignerJared Gooding, Lighting DesignerThomas Dixon, Sound Designer
Devon Green, Properties DesignerDonald E. Claxon, Production Stage ManagerJason Pikscher, Technical Director
Marc Chevalier, Master ElectricianRengin Altay, Assistant Director

Christine Lauer , Assistant Stage Manager



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