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“Scathingly funny…it kills! THREE STARS!” “- CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“Sharply original… laugh-out-loud-funny!” “- WINDY CITY TIMES
“The most provocative and assertive work to come out of the young company to date.” “- CHICAGO READER
“Highly recommended!” “- PICTURE THIS POST
“Self-aware brilliance!” “- THE HAWK CHICAGO
“Plenty of sugar, lots of spice and even a dash of hot sauce in this buffet of buffoonery.” “- CHICAGO THEATRE REVIEW

Meet Sutter, a precocious boy learning what it means to be gay and black. With everyone trying to teach him the ways of life, he’s learning fast that no one person will be able to tell him the meaning of love, life, sex or race. He’ll have to define those for himself. The 2017 season kicks off with a bang, with the Chicago premiere of Robert O’Hara’s semi-autobiographical play — a hilariously frank, wildly unpredictable tale of growing up.



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Click on an artist’s name to read their bio.

Robert O'Hara,
Director & Playwright
Katie Bell Kenney, SetJanice Pytel, Costumes
Lee Fiskness, LightingLindsay Jones, Sound


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