Refine your craft in a series of industry master classes, led by some of the top agents, casting directors and artists in Chicago!




taught by Rachel Flesher
Tuesday, October 24 from 7 – 10pm

In COMBAT ESSENTIALS AND HOW TO SELL THEM actors will learn the essential combat moves used on stage and screen and the concepts behind how to really sell them. Come learn how to safely share energy with your fellow actors, fall with ease to the floor, slap, punch, push, and more with safety, story, and style! This class will give actors confidence to communicate a realistic story of physical violence. An excellent class for an actor with no combat experience or a seasoned vet wishing to hone in and perfect their technique!



AUDITIONS IN THE MODERN AGE: Mastering the Self-Tape

taught by Jim McCaffrey
Tuesday, November 7 from 7-10PM

As time goes on, the self-tape audition is becoming more and more common, across all mediums—whether you’re auditioning for film, TV, industrials, or theater, actors are booking off of tapes regularly. In this class, Jim will cover what makes a self-tape really work (and not work), showcase examples of great self-tapes, offer up helpful hints for getting self-tapes shot quickly and efficiently, and lead students through a self-tape simulation (with actual sides from TV and theater auditions), then offer feedback in class. A valuable class for any actor auditioning in today’s climate!



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