This spring, refine your craft in a series of industry master classes, led by some of the top agents, casting directors and artists in Chicago!

All classes are $100 each, and registration is by phone only. Signing up for more than 1 course? You’ll receive a 10% discount! When you’re ready to register, give us a call at: 312-374-3196.


Seeking Representation

taught by Kylie Stack & KaCee Hudson
Sunday, June 4th, 6-9 PM
*Back by popular demand*

In SEEKING REPRESENTATION, two of Chicago’s top agents will walk you through the basics of seeking theatrical representation: what to look for and when; the differences between commercial, tv/film, and legit representation; the do’s and don’t’s of interviews; how to maintain a relationship with an existing agent; identifying when it’s time to “change it up” and seek new representation; developing and selling a personal brand; and common mistakes people make both in potential and current
relationships. Great for beginners just starting out, or mid-career actors
looking to make a change in their agency status.



taught by Laura Durham
Monday, June 5th, 7-10 PM

FROM SIDES TO STAGE provides a fully customized experience to help you make the most of the time you have to prepare for an audition. Once you’ve enrolled in the class, Chicago Shakespeare Casting Associate Laura Durham will send you specially selected sides that fit you, based on your headshot and resume. On the day of the class, you’ll workshop your sides and receive feedback in real time alongside your classmates.

BREAKING INTO CASTING: How to Find Yourself on the Other Side of the Table

taught by Tam Dickson
Tuesday, June 6th, 6-9 PM

Join Steppenwolf Casting Associate, Tam Dickson, on this behind-the-scenes look at the casting process. Using The Glass Menagerie, you’ll learn all the skills necessary to make you successful in this field, from list-making to writing breakdowns, plus an insider look at the Chicago market. You’ll walk away with insight into the talent pool, resources to aid your career, and—most importantly—knowledge on how to get started.

The Audition Package

taught by Erica Sartini-Combs
Monday, June 12th, 6-9 PM
*Back by popular demand*

THE AUDITION PACKAGE is designed to provide insight on how to best represent yourself from submission to callback. Learn how to meet the casting director halfway and learn what you can (and can’t) control once inside the room. The session will end with a mock audition, allowing each student to test out new material or refine their go-to selections with immediate feedback.


Ready to register? Give us a call at 312.374.3196!