Nate Elfant (Luigi u/s)

This is Nathaniel Elfant’s first debut with Windy City Theatre. He is 21 years old and currently working full-time at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar as well as writing and acting. Glenbrook North High School was where he fell in love with improv, drama, and acting as a whole. He brought that passion to Hofstra University in Hempstead Long Island studying at their Theatre School. He then transferred back to his native-land, Chicago, to study film at Columbia College Chicago focusing on screenwriting. Although improv was what first gave him “the bug” he is constantly striving for new ways to expand his acting pallet. He recently was the lead in Mark Peamchareon’s short film “The Loop” which premiered at Lincoln Theatre for the Chicago 48 Hour Film Festival. Even more recently he was the lead for Yup! Chocolate Milk’s internet ad campaign, #nothinghour, which will be released in the new year. Besides always looking for the next project Nathaniel enjoys playing music, writing, and kicking back with his friends. What he loves most of all is making others laugh, and spreading happiness from one soul to another.