Amy RubensteinOsiris Khepera (Actor Four)

Osiris Khepera is a well-traveled, self described Renaissance artist whose focus is mostly in the performing arts. He attended Northern Illinois University where he studied theatre under the tutelage of the incomparable Kathryn Gately. Khepera is currently coaching the Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Squad for YouMedia at the Harold Washington Library, where he was honorably asked to Mentor in the stead of Brother Mike after he transitioned. Recent works include: Rutherford’s Travels, Pegasus Players Theatre; Bars & Measures, PROP THTR (BTAA Best Actor Nomination), This Great Nation, Much Enduring, Chicago Slamworks; R.E.A.C.H, Second City; The American Revolution, Theater Unspeakable and Lincoln Center; Softly Blue (Singer) & The Fag-Tionary, MPAACT; The Tennessee Williams Project, the Hypocrites; Harry & The Thief, Pavement Group; A Few Good Men, Peninsula Players, Passing Strange, Bailiwick Chicago (Best Supporting Actor BTAA Win); Relevant Hearsay: Stories from 57, MPAACT (Best Supporting BTAA Win).

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