"Imagine going to see “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and sitting on the couch next to Martha, matching her shot for shot, and you get the basic idea."

Chief theater critic for the Chicago Tribune gives SOUTHERN GOTHIC 4 stars (out of 4)!


It’s 1961. Ashford, Georgia. Tom Collins is the drink of choice. Dean Martin’s on the radio. Everyone’s driving a Cadillac, and Suzanne Wellington is about to turn 40. Four couples gather to celebrate the big day — old college buddies who’ve known one another for decades. But even best friends keep secrets, and over the course of this evening's party, a few of those are bound to be revealed...


With just 30 audience members per performance, this immersive production welcomes you to wander about the "set" at your own leisure. You'll act as a fly on the wall, overseeing all the juicy drama unfold up close. With SOUTHERN GOTHIC, we welcome you to choose your own adventure.


This intimate viewing experience is perfect for corporate outings, client appreciation, small business holiday parties, and more, and buy-outs start at just $2,440. To receive a custom quote for your group, please fill out the form below. *For groups under 28, please contact our box office: 773.891.8985*

The Party Guests

Not sure who to follow? Hover over the characters below to learn what kind of night you can expect by following each.


The classic big brother, Jackson only wants to protect his family, including sister Ellie and wife Suzanne. But does he have the personality needed to become one of Georgia’s hot-shot lawyers? Will he meet Suzanne’s high expectations or crack under the pressure? Find out by following Jackson.


You may think you know birthday girl, Suzanne Wellington; she’s got big hair, a big personality, and plenty to say. But watch closely: this Southern Belle is more “in the know” than anyone gives her credit for. Want a fun night out in Ashford? Suzanne’s your girl to follow. 


An aspiring young writer, Cassie is the outsider of the group. But her quick wit and progressive ideals will undoubtedly win you over (if not the other party guests). Follow Cassie for the real ‘scoop’ on these old old college buds, and to see how she navigates being a young woman of color among a group of still very conservative Southerners.


A good guy at heart, Beau always seems to get himself in trouble. Recently back from rehab, he may have burned his wife one too many times. Has she waited patiently while he’s been away? Or has he ultimately lost her for good? Find out by following everyone’s favorite disaster, Beau.


A politician through-and-through, Charles is handsome, charming and thoroughly devious. You may hate what he says, but can’t deny the charm in HOW says it. Plus, like all good politicians, he has a few scandals to cover up. Follow Charles and he’ll serve up juicy political drama with a side of extramarital affairs.


The hostess with the mostess (problems that is). Between running after kids, keeping Beau in line, and supporting her brother Jackson’s law career, Ellie hasn’t had much time for herself. But that doesn’t mean old flames can’t be rekindled, especially after a Tom Collins or two…


Blue-blooded society darling Lauren is the perfect politician’s wife. But this demure woman harbors feelings for another party guest, and holds other secrets from her past that her husband must never learn. Follow Lauren for a night of young love, lost love, and the story of a woman finding her way. 


Trust fund playboy with a heart of gold, Tucker has (once again) brought a new girl to this evening’s festivities. But after juggling his latest fling with the affections of an old flame, will Tucker realize it’s finally time to settle down? Grab a drink before you follow bachelor Tuck.