It’s 1960. Ashford, Georgia. Tom Collins is the drink of choice. Dean Martin’s on the radio. Everyone’s driving a Cadillac, and Suzanne Wellington is about to turn 40. Four couples gather to celebrate the big day — old college buddies who’ve known one another for decades. But even best friends keep secrets, and over the course of this evening's party, a few of those are bound to be revealed... from a political scandal, to a hidden pregnancy; a secret love affair, and a business' corruption.

Come, explore, and be a fly on the wall for all the juicy drama. "Mad Men" meets "Desperate Housewives" in this one-of-kind, voyeuristic theater.


Join Windy City Playhouse this February for a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience! With just 28 audience members per performance, this immersive production welcomes you to wander about the "set" at your own leisure. You'll act as a fly on the wall, overseeing all the juicy drama unfold up close. With SOUTHERN GOTHIC, we welcome you to choose your own adventure.


Given the extremely small number of patrons we can welcome to each performance, ticket prices & showtimes vary from our standard. Note: prices & showtimes are subject to change. Please see our events calendar for more information.

Wednesdays 7:30pm ~ tickets start at $65
Thursdays 7:30pm ~ tickets start at $65
Fridays 8:00pm ~ tickets start at $75
Saturdays 4:00pm ~ tickets start at $85
Saturdays 8:00pm ~ tickets start at $85
Sundays 2:00pm ~ tickets start at $75
Sundays 6:00pm ~ tickets start at $65



This intimate viewing experience is perfect for corporate outings, client appreciation, small business holiday parties, and more, and buy-outs start at just $2,020. To receive a custom quote for your group, please fill out the form below. *For groups under 28, please contact our box office: 773.891.8985*



Not sure who to follow? Click through the characters below to learn what kind of night you can expect by following each.

  • A politician through-and-through, Charles is handsome, outgoing, charming and thoroughly devious. You may hate what he says, but can't deny the charm in HOW says it. Plus, like all good politicians, he has a few scandals to cover up. Follow Charles and he'll serve up juicy political drama with a side of extramarital affairs.