The Explorers Club has enough to deal with. One member has lost nearly all his guinea pigs, another can’t seem to locate the East Pole, their bartender is missing, and the acting president is madly in love; and now, on top of all that, a woman wants to join? Before the British Empire crumbles under the weight, these good old boys must grapple with the approach of modernity, save the world from an international war, and for God’s sake, find a new bartender — but not until after brandy and cigars.


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Casting by Laura Durham.


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David H. Bell, DirectorScott Davis, Set DesignerLee Fiskness, Lighting Design
Jeremy Floyd, Costume DesignerJeffrey Levin, Sound DesignerJamie Karas, Props Designer
Alex Rhyan, Production ManagerCalyn Swain, Stage ManagerMarc Chevalier, Master Electrician
Zach Johnson, Technical Director

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