by Jonathan Caren I directed by Jonathan Wilson I associate directed by Mikael Burke I concept by Amy Rubenstein, Artistic Director

Beginning July 2nd, 2019 at Windy City Playhouse's flagship location: 3014 W Irving Park Rd.

THE RECOMMENDATION follows college roommates Aaron and Iskinder, who become fast friends. But their early bond shows no signs of the pressure their friendship (and lives) will ultimately endure. This July, join the Playhouse for our next immersive experience. This time, we're pulling you out of 1961 Georgia, and dropping you into modern day Los Angeles, for a dramatic tale of friendship, justice, and revenge.


by Duncan Macmillan I directed by Jessica Fisch I starring Rebecca Spence

Begins September 18, 2019 at Windy City Playhouse South, The Loft: 2229 S. Michigan Ave., 3rd Floor

Ice cream. The smell of old books. Mork & Mindy. We all collect these little slivers of delight among the daily splinters of life. From childhood to adulthood, our protagonist guides her audience through a personal chronicle of life's joys in the face of her mother's depression. Do water fights and roller coasters also get lost in the void, or do the bright spots burn true? This Fall, join the Playhouse for an interactive experience. Audiences are invited to speak on behalf of a vet, a father, a lecturer, and even a therapist sock in this "come-as-you-are performance" (no prior acting experience or rehearsal required!) Who knows -- maybe you'll walk away with a brilliant thing of your own.
*You may have noticed that the Playhouse likes long runs... in order to accommodate this and some other moving pieces, we are still figuring out where we will produce EVERY BRILLIANT THING this fall. Here's what we can promise you: the location will be within Chicago city limits, have ample parking options, and plenty pre-show dining to choose from. The official location (which may end up being either the Playhouse's flagship or Playhouse South) will be announced this July.


by Mart Crowley I directed by Carl Menninger, Associate Artistic Director

Begins January 29, 2020 at Windy City Playhouse's flagship: 3014 W. Irving Park Rd.

It's 1968 and Harold is turning thirty-two. Luckily, friend-enemy Michael is there with six mutual friends to help him ease into the big three-two. The party is all jokes and quips until the host proposes a harmless game of truth or dare. Suddenly, each must reckon with his sexual identity -- out, closeted, flamboyant, or "passing" -- in an oppressive world where self-love is a luxury. Fresh from its hit Broadway revival, this landmark play comes to Chicago for the first time in 20 years. Join us as the Playhouse hosts our next immersive birthday party. Sit inches from the characters who "helped spark a revolution by putting gay men's lives onstage" during the pre-Pride era. At this party, the cake tastes like truth, and everyone gets a slice.