Daniel Trinidad (Felix)

Daniel grew up in Skokie, Illinois. As a performer he strives to leave you with something to remember every time you see him. As an athlete, his favorite part of theatre is getting to express himself through his physicality. He started with theatre in college and eventually studied improv and stand up comedy at Second City. Later on he ran away with the circus where he found his passion for being an aerialist and an acrobat. He is currently an aerial and acrobatic instructor at MSA Circus Arts. His recent projects include; THE AMAZING ACROBATS OF SHANGHAI; UNBRIDLED AT UNTITLED; MYSTERIOSA AT ALHAMBRA PALACE and FLY BY NIGHT at MSA Circus Arts. He credits his instructors Nourbal Meirmanov, DuoRose Trapeze, Charlene Numrych, Javen Ulumbayar, Leah Leor, and Jason Fleece. He would like to thank his family for their support and especially his little sister Cecille for constantly motivating him.