Jordan Ratliff (Associate Audience Services Manager)

Jordan is a director/playwright and recent graduate from the the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received his BFA in Theatre Studies with a concentration in playwriting and directing. He joined the Windy City Playhouse in September 2021 . In his work, he pushes to share the voices of underrepresented groups, and advocates for their representation on and off stage. Some of his directorial credits include GAY CARD (UIUC); LOVE LIFE (New Revels Players); PROSPECT HIGH: BROOKLYN (Armory Free Theater) and SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD(Allen Hall Theatre Bums). Some of his writing credits include FUGITIVES IN AMERICA, and LOVE LIFE. He has also assistant directed several productions, most recently THE THINGS I COULD NEVER TELL STEVEN at the Pride Arts Center (dir. Jay Espano).

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