About the Playhouse


Windy City Playhouse is a professional theater meant to entertain through exceptional contemporary, relevant, and approachable art. Combining relatable material with high quality artistry, we seek to create work accessible by audiences of all kinds. In this aim, we have created The Playhouse as a space for our guests to linger before and after the performance—a place to decompress with art.


Ours is not a traditional theater.  This space is meant to serve as a fun, relaxing, and entertaining environment. With a full service bar, light food, and post-show performances, it’s the only destination you’ll need for the night. No more trotting around the city from this place to that; here is “the spot.”

This setup also provides a unique opportunity for our artists.  Without the confines of a traditional theater, directors, designers, and performers alike are encouraged to reimagine the theatrical experience. Working at The Playhouse means catering to an audience as interested in a good time as receiving creative work.