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What food and drink exactly is included in my ticket?
Every guest of THE BOYS IN THE BAND will be offered small cocktail samplings throughout the play (as they are served to the characters in the play). You will receive 3-4 tastings throughout the play, which together will equal about 1.5 regularly sized drinks. Additionally, party snacks (think pretzels and chips, 1960-style) will be available throughout the show.

Are there non-alcoholic cocktails available during the show?
Absolutely! If you’d like to be served non-alcoholic versions of our cocktails during the show, please just let our House Manager know at check-in.

Will the bar be open pre-show?
Yes! Our lobby bar opens an hour before curtain. It will also remain open after the performance, and we welcome you to stick around to mingle with the cast and creative team. We accept cash, credit, and drink tickets (see below) as payment methods.

Can I drink during the show?
Certainly! You can bring any drinks from the lobby into the theater space.

What are Drink Tickets and how do I purchase them?
When purchasing your tickets to THE BOYS IN THE BAND, you will have the option to select one of two ticketing types: ‘Adult’ or ‘Adult + Drinks.’ The latter comes with 2 drink vouchers, which you will be given at check-in, and can be used for any drink at the bar.



What is the duration of the show?
The show runs one hour and 50 minutes.

Is there an intermission?
No; the show will be performed as a single act. However, if you at any point need to leave the theater (to use the restroom, for example) you are welcome to do so.

Is the show family-friendly?
We prefer to let each family decide what content is appropriate for them. However, if we had to rate the show, we would say it’s PG-13, due to some mature themes including sexual content, racial content, and violence.

What is seating like for this show?
THE BOYS IN THE BAND takes place in 1968, inside a Manhattan apartment. Playhouse guests will be invited to sit in the various couches / chairs / love seats that make up the quintessentially mid-Century, sunken living room. You will be welcome to move from seat to seat as you wish, but will be otherwise seated throughout the show.

Is the show handicap accessible?
Yes! All entrances and exits throughout the venue are accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility assisting devices. We also have flexibility with the theater seating to accommodate any guest’s needs. We highly recommend any patron with special needs contact our friendly box office team for more specifics so that we can provide you the best evening of entertainment possible.