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Is there food or drink included in this show?
Not this time! There are no refreshments served during the show, but guests will have a chance to grab a drink prior to the show beginning. More on that below…

Will there be a bar in the space?
Yes! Guests will be invited to grab a snack or drink from the bar in our first floor space, currently hosting the immersive production, SOUTHERN GOTHIC. Drinks may be brought up to the third floor space, where EVERY BRILLIANT THING is performed (yes, there’s an elevator!).

Will the bar be open post-show?
Unfortunately, it will not, because at that point our performance of SOUTHERN GOTHIC will have begun.

What are Drink Tickets and how do I purchase them?
When purchasing your tickets to EVERY BRILLIANT THING, you will have the option to select one of two ticketing types: Adult, or Adult + Drink. The latter comes with 1 drink voucher, which you will be given at check-in, and can be used for any wine, beer, soft drink, well mixed drink, or show-themed specialty cocktail at the bar.

Where should I eat pre-show?
Start your night off by checking out one of our favorite local dining spots!

  • Fatpour – Casual brewpub, located just around the corner
  • VU Rooftop – New American fare, craft cocktails, and skyline views
  • 14 Parish – Upscale Caribbean fusion
  • Motor Row Brewing – Craft brews from historic Motor Row



What is the duration of the show?
The show runs approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. There is no intermission.

Is there an intermission?
No, the entire performance is only one hour and fifteen minutes, so the show will be performed as a single act.

Is the show family-friendly?
We prefer to let each family decide what is best for them. However, if we had to rate the show, we would say it’s PG-13, due to some mature themes including mental health, depression, and suicide.

What is seating like for this show?
EVERY BRILLIANT THING will see the return of our signature, beloved swivel chairs! These club chair-style seats are larger (and we hear, more comfortable) than your average “theater seating.” All seating will be general admission.

Is the show handicap accessible?
Yes! All entrances and exits throughout the venue are accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility assisting devices. We also have flexibility with the theater seating to accommodate any guest’s needs. We highly recommend any patron with special needs contact our friendly box office team for more specifics so that we can provide you the best evening of entertainment possible.



What can I expect with this show, as far as it being immersive?
Windy City Playhouse is always seeking ways to make the audience experience unique, and bring our guests closer to the action onstage. For EVERY BRILLIANT THING, all patrons will be seated for the duration of the performance. However, there will be moments of (gentle) audience participation that we believe will make your experience that much more special. Read on for more about that… but no, there won’t be any moving around the space once the show has begun.

What do you mean by “audience participation?”
The title of EVERY BRILLIANT THING comes from the narrator’s practice of, upon encountering depression in herself or members of her family, writing down all of the many reasons that life is beautiful. Upon entering the space, you will be handed a found object, with one of those reasons listed, and a number. Throughout the performance, the narrator will call on guests to shout out the written-down “brilliance,” and at that time you will be invited to speak it out. It’s a quick, fun moment, but not meant to be stressful. If you would prefer to participate in the show silently, just let our house manager know!