Naming Opportunities

Name a Seat

“Put your money where your booty is” - Inspired by our production of Robert O’Hara’s play BOOTYCANDY, we’re asking you to “put your money where you booty is” by naming a seat in our theater. Love our swivel armchairs? Our unique style of seating has always been a defining feature of the Playhouse. This is your opportunity to make a lasting mark on one of our most distinctive features. When you make a gift of $250 to name a seat, the Playhouse will affix a plaque, with the inscription of your choice, to a Top Shelf seat. It will remain in place until December 31, 2018. After you make your gift, a representative from the Playhouse will be in touch to determine your inscription.


  • Your name will be displayed to Playhouse patrons for well over a year—unlike our Playbill, lobby donor display, and website, which are updated regularly, your inscription isn’t going anywhere until 2019!
  • You’ll have the first chance to renew your inscription for 2019.

There are only 60 Top Shelf seats are available to name. Act now to name yours!


Select a song

Our pre-show playlists are undeniably groovy, and this is your chance to share your musical taste with our audience members. A gift of $500 lets you to select a song in the lineup, for the production of your choice.


  • Includes a brief conversation with the Sound Designer or Production Manager to discuss the sound concept of the show.
  • Your own souvenir show poster, signed by the entire cast.

Design a Drink

Get crafty, alongside our bartenders! Fun fact: all of our bartenders are actors, too. When a new production is in the works, they each read the script and suggest cocktail recipes (and names!) that reflect the themes of the show. Now you’ll get to do the same with a gift of $1,000.


  • Suggest a name, recipe, and/or base ingredient for a new cocktail, to be served during the production of your choice. Tickle the palates of our discerning audience members!
  • You’ll receive your own copy of the script, signed by the cast, to read for inspiration and to keep as a souvenir.

Sponsor a Show

The ultimate commitment to a specific Playhouse production. Your gift of $5,000 will go a long way toward ensuring the success of one of our mainstage shows.


  • Recognition as a show sponsor online and in print (on our website, on the title page of the playbill, on postcards, in press releases, etc.)
  • 4 complimentary tickets to Opening Night performance and celebration
  • 4 additional complimentary tickets to be used at any other performance of your sponsored show
  • A copy of the script, signed by the cast, for you to keep.

For more information or to make your gift, contact Evelyn Jacoby at or call 312.374.3196.