Visual Artists

The Role of Visual Art 

Having non-theatrical art forms, like yours, will help to welcome our guests and indicate that this is no traditional theater experience. We want our patrons to engage with art in any and all ways they feel comfortable, and the presence of visual art will be key in fulfilling that aim. Furthermore, it will also serve to “set the mood” as the art featured in each of our four productions will be loosely connected to the dramatic text, either in style, subject, or medium.

It will also serve you, the artist, to connect with a new market of creativity-loving people. Windy City Playhouse will provide you and your work an audience of potential buyers. (Please note: for serving the role of art broker, the Playhouse will receive a small commission from all pieces sold.)


Submission Guidelines

To have your artwork considered, please fill out the form below and be sure to include all information requested. We ask that you include images of all artwork submitted for consideration.

Please also note that all pieces submitted for consideration will need to meet the following guidelines:

1) The piece(s) must be no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft.
2) The piece(s) be an essentially two-dimensional work that can be hung flatly.
3) Qualified staff of Windy City Playhouse will be charged with installation, but the artist must be able to prepare the work(s) such that it is capable of hanging.
4) The artist will be responsible for bringing the artwork to and removing the piece(s) from the performance space. The theater will not be responsible for the transportation of any artwork.

*Upon acceptance of any art submission, the Playhouse will send to the artist a full contract, including our insurance policy, for signing.
For any further questions about our theater or the submission process, please contact us at: In the subject of your email, please specify “Visual Art Submission.”

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