March 2020

8 Theatre in Chicago: " Hiding In Fabulous Sight: The Scenic Psychology of The Boys In the Band"

February 2020

26 No Proscenium: " Partying With 'The Boys In The Band' (Review)"

25 City Pleasures: " A Fiery Birthday with the Boys"

23 WDCB Radio: " The Arts Section"

13 Talkin Broadway: " Past Reviews Regional Reviews: Chicago"

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12 the hawk chicago: " Review: THE BOYS IN THE BAND (Windy City Playhouse)"

12 Playlist HQ: "Big Emotions! The Boys in the Band at Windy City Playhouse"

11 Chicago Reader: "The Boys in the Band returns for the first time in decades to Chicago"

11 WDCB Radio: "A Conversation With Award-Winning Chef Rick Bayless"

11 Conversations with Ed Tracy: Review: THE BOYS IN THE BAND

10 Chicago Tribune: "Review: This ‘Boys in the Band’ hands you a vodka tonic and sits you in the midst of that pre-Stonewall party"

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4 Windy City Times: “Windy City Playhouse gets immersive with 'The Boys in the Band'"

January 2020

23 Chicago Reader: “Note From an Editor: Winter theater and dance in Chicago provides a home away from home."

22 Chicago Reader: “Southern Gothic gave Windy City Playhouse a blueprint for immersive theater "


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