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What food and drink exactly is included in my ticket?
Every guest of THE RECOMMENDATION will be offered three small drinks throughout the play (as they are served to the characters in the play). Together these will equal 1.5 total servings. There will not be any food served.

Are there non-alcoholic cocktails available during the show?
Absolutely! If you’d like to be served non-alcoholic versions of our cocktails during the show, please just let our House Manager know at check-in.

Will the bar be open pre-show?
Yes! Our bar (and theater) opens 30 minutes before showtime. It will also remain open after the performance, and we welcome you to stick around to mingle with the cast and creative team. We accept cash, credit and drink tickets (see below) as payment methods. And as always, anything you order may be brought into the theater.

What are Drink Tickets and how do I purchase them?
When purchasing your tickets to THE RECOMMENDATION, you will have the option to select one of two ticketing types: Adult, or Adult + Drinks. The latter comes with 2 drink vouchers, which you will be given at check-in, and can be used for any drink at the bar.



What is the duration of the show?
We won’t know the final duration until rehearsals are complete, but we expect it will run 2 hours, including intermission.

Is there an intermission?
Yes, there will be one, 15-minute intermission.

Is the show family-friendly?
We prefer to let each family decide what is best for them. However, if we had to rate the show, we would say it’s PG-13, due to some mature themes.

Will I be able to sit?
In each room, there will be at least a few places for patrons who need to sit. However, at times this seating may be limited. We encourage able-bodied patrons to stand when possible, and offer these seats to the elderly or expectant mothers.

Is the show handicap accessible?
Yes! The Playhouse is committed to being at the forefront of immersive, but accessible theater. As noted above, there will be some places where seating is limited, but this seating will be reserved for those patrons that need it. All entrances and exits throughout the set will be accessible to wheelchair, walkers, and mobility assisting devices. We highly recommend any patron with special needs to contact our box office for more specifics and so that we can provide you the best event of entertainment possible.



What do you mean by immersive theater?
Immersive theater is a style that has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with notable productions including New York’s “Sleep No More,” London’s “Surrealist Tax” and Melbourne’ “En Route”. Immersive theater describes any theatrical viewing experience that breaks down the imaginary wall between performers and audiences, typically by allowing patrons to move around the “set” at their leisure.

How will my experience with THE RECOMMENDATION be similar to or different from SOUTHERN GOTHIC?
We’re so glad you asked! Like SOUTHERN GOTHIC, you will be able to view the action of the play up close. You will also have some say over where you go within each room of the set. Unlike SOUTHERN GOTHIC, there will only be one scene occurring at each time, and our front of house staff will help guide you from room to room where the next action is happening. This style of presentation may also be known as “promenade.”

Another major difference is that in THE RECOMMENDATION, one actor (who serves as a sort of narrator for the evening) will talk directly to the audience. However, he will be “in character” the entire time, and there will be no physical interaction between any actors and any audience members.

Are there any other “rules” for attending THE RECOMMENDATION?
When you arrive at the theater the night-of your performance, our front of house team will provide you will some simple, but important guidelines meant to keep you and our actors safe, and create a respectful environment for everyone to experience the story. As always, we will ask that you not touch or speak directly to any of the actors. More specifics, though, will come day-of!