It's influencer night at The Contumacious Pig, one of the city's hottest restaurants, and with folks like @VeganChic in attendance, it's bound to be an exciting evening. There's only one problem: the head Chef just called in sick and the Sous Chef might have taken the wrong pill to calm his nerves. The health inspector showed up unannounced, there's possibly a spy from CP's biggest competition in tow, and oh yeah, the busboy is hiding a wild pig. In the meantime, the GM is trying to hold it all together while keeping customers from tweeting negative reviews. Can this team of misfits join together to offer up a great dining experience, or will they end up (literally) with egg on their face?

On the following dates, Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless will be joining the cast of A RECIPE FOR DISASTER as Jude!

March 23rd 7:30PM         April 6th 7:30PM         April 13th 7:30PM        April 20th 7:30PM
March 24th 7:30PM         April 7th 7:30PM         April 14th 7:30PM        April 21st 7:30PM
March 25th 8:00PM         April 8th 8:00PM        April 15th 8:00PM        April 22nd 8:00PM
March 26th 8:00PM         April 9th 8:00PM        April 16th 8:00PM        April 23rd 8:00PM
March 27th: 6:00PM        April 10th 6:00PM      April 17th 6:00PM        April 24th 6:00PM


Conceived by Rick Bayless and Windy City Playhouse's artistic team, A RECIPE FOR DISASTER is a live experience that combines immersive theater, food, and farce. Guests are invited inside the restaurant to join us for "influencer night." The actors will not touch or talk to audience directly, allowing you to feel like a "fly on the wall" as the hilarity unfolds around you. Admission also includes six bite-sized tastings by Chef Rick Bayless, one cocktail sampling from Lanie Bayless, and two wine pairings.


This experience will take place at Petterino's, located in the heart of the Chicago theater district at 150 N Dearborn. The entrance to Windy City Playhouse’s space is just around the corner on Randolph Street.
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