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What food and drink exactly is included in my ticket?
Every guest of SOUTHERN GOTHIC will be offered small cocktail samplings throughout the play (as they are served to the characters in the play). You will receive 3 tastings, which together will equal about one regularly sized drink. Additionally, party snacks (think pretzels and chips, 1960-style) will be available throughout the show.

Are there non-alcoholic cocktails available during the show?
Absolutely! If you’d like to be served non-alcoholic versions of our cocktails during the show, please just let our House Manager know at check-in.

Will the bar be open pre-show?
Yes! Our bar (and theater) opens 30 minutes before showtime. It will also remain open after the performance, and we welcome you to stick around to mingle. We accept cash and credit as payment methods.

Can I drink during the show?
Certainly! You will also be able to order during the show by making your way to the lobby, where there is a bar serviced by our incredible bartenders!



What is the duration of the show?
The show is 100 minutes, with no intermission.

Is there an intermission?
No, there is no intermission.

Is the show family-friendly?
We prefer to let each family decide what is best for them. However, if we had to rate the show, we would say it’s PG-13, due to mature themes and scenes depicting domestic violence and racial slurs.

Will I be able to sit?
Yes! There will be extra furniture throughout the set for audiences to use. We will not be using our signature club chair seating for this production, though.

Food and drink is included in my ticket. What exactly will be served?
In order to give you a realistic experience, you will be served the same light appetizers and tastings of cocktails that our “party guests” are served throughout the evening. These are very small portions.
If you are looking to expand your experience, we highly recommend getting dinner at Petterino’s before or after the show. Reservations can be made here.
Please note: we cannot accommodate any food allergies. The house manager will provide a full menu night-of to help you plan. There will, however, be non-alcoholic drink options for those guests underage or who prefer not to / cannot drink alcohol.

Is the show handicap accessible?
This production is best experienced when patrons can move around and explore the various rooms of the set. The entrance to the home in which the play takes place and entrances to each room will be accessible for patrons in wheelchairs and walkers. Additionally, there is an elevator leading to the main space. We highly recommend any patron with special needs contact our box office for more specifics and so that we can provide you the best evening of entertainment possible.

How will I know where to go?
It’s entirely up to you where and when you move throughout the space! But we recommend following one story line or character, to give your experience continuity. You will also receive the few “rules” we have when you arrive at the theater night-of.



What do you mean by immersive theater?
Immersive theater is a style that has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with notable productions including New York’s “Sleep No More,” London’s “Surrealist Taxi” and Melbourne’s “En Route”. Chicago experiences of similar style include The House Theatre’s “The Last Defender” or any Escape Rooms found scattered throughout the city. Immersive theater describes any theatrical viewing experience that breaks down the imaginary wall between performers and audiences, typically by allowing patrons to move around the “set” at their leisure. Imagine instead of watching a movie, you instead are living inside of it, allowed to move through rooms and watch the action unfold up close.

How is Southern Gothic different from other immersive productions?
Unlike some other immersive productions, SOUTHERN GOTHIC is plot-driven, with a true beginning, middle, and end. While each patron will have a slightly different experience depending on what rooms they enter and which scenes they oversee, all of the major plot points will be shared with everyone watching. Another major difference is that there is no physical interaction between the performers and audience members. SOUTHERN GOTHIC is more of a voyeuristic experience — you’ll get to oversee all the juicy drama, but won’t have to participate in it.
Please note that audience members will not be interacted with by the characters, and should not try to interact with or touch the characters themselves.

Will the actors touch or look at me?
Nope! You’ll be a fly on the wall to all of the action — getting to see and hear it, but you won’t be asked to engage with any of the performers. As the actors will not touch you, we ask that you respect them in the same way.

Why did you decide to do this show again?
Since its inception in 2015, Windy City Playhouse has pushed the boundaries of theater. Our 2018 production of SOUTHERN GOTHIC solidified the Playhouse as the Chicago theater for one-of-a-kind audience experiences and earned six Joseph Jefferson Award nominations. After closing RECIPE FOR DISASTER in our prime space at 150 N Dearborn, it seemed only natural to bring SOUTHERN GOTHIC back, and, for the first time ever, to the heart of the Chicago theater district.

These policies are subject to change to adhere to the latest local guidelines.

What are your audience requirements?
All guests will be asked for proof of vaccination at the door. Patrons must show proof of full vaccination at least 14 days prior to the performance (full vaccination is considered 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or 2 doses of either Pzfizer or Moderna). Alternatively, patrons may present a negative test from within 48 hours of the performance. For questions, please email us at: or call 773.891.8985. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our artists, staff, and fellow audience members safe!

What is your mask policy?
Masks are encouraged, though not required.

I just tested positive for Covid-19 and have a ticket for a date within my quarantine window. What can I do?
If you have a positive Covid-19 test and a ticket within your CDC-recommended quarantine window, we can offer you a ticket exchange with a waived service fee. Please call our box office for more information.