SOUTHERN GOTHIC – Actor Submissions

Windy City Playhouse seeks submissions for the 2019 extension of the immersive SOUTHERN GOTHIC. See below for production details and submission information.

Production Information

by Leslie Liautaud
directed by David H. Bell
co-created by Artistic Associate Carl Menninger & Artistic Director Amy Rubenstein

Dates & Location

In January 2019, SOUTHERN GOTHIC was remounted at a new location (not our primary venue on Irving Park, but in the South Loop’s Motor Row district) for an open-ended run:
2229 S. Michigan
Chicago, IL 60616
We are seeking submissions through March 2020. Minimum contract length will be 3 months.


Equity Principal: $525/week
Non-Equity Principal: $210/week
Non-Equity Understudy: $125/week, $25 performance fee

Performance Schedule

Wednesdays at 7:30PM
Thursdays at 7:30PM
Fridays at 8:00PM
Saturdays at 4:00PM & 8:00PM
Sundays at 2:00PM & 6:00PM
Select Tuesdays at 7:30PM (note: in 8-show weeks, pay will be prorated for additional performance)

Character Breakdown

ELLIE COURTIER – Female-identified – late 30s – white. A suburban housewife doing everything she can to keep her family together. Optimistic and kind despite her life’s recent hardships, including a husband battling alcoholism, two young children, and an affair of her own. Strong-willed, independent.

BEAU COURTIER – Male-identified – early 40s – white. Despite his good intentions, Beau always seems to get himself in trouble. Recently back from rehab, he is desperately trying to repair his relationship with wife Ellie, whom he loves earnestly. Having grown up “on the other side of the tracks,” he is a bit of an outsider among this group. Outdoorsy, a farm boy, whose trade is horse breeding.

SUZANNE WELLINGTON – Female-identified – late 30s – early 40s – white. Always the life of the party, Suzanne is especially high spirited this night, her own 40th birthday. She’s got big hair, a big personality, and big plans for her lawyer husband. Demands strong comedic timing.

JACKSON WELLINGTON – Male-identified – early 40s – white. The Atticus Finch of the group, Jackson is a do-good lawyer, who seeks justice and believes in the power of law. The quiet half of the Wellingtons, he’s often pushed beyond more humble aspirations by his ambitious wife Suzanne. Jackson is the older brother of Ellie Courtier.

LAUREN LYON – Female-identified – late 30s – white. Blue-blooded society darling Lauren looks, to the outside, to be the perfect politician’s wife. But years of abuse in a troubled marriage (combined with the inability to have children) have cursed Lauren with low self-esteem, a fact she tries to cover with copious drinking.

CHARLES LYON – Male-identified – early-mid 40s – white. Handsome, outgoing, and thoroughly devious. Charles is a classic politician; he is conniving, but covers his scheme with a thoroughly charming demeanor. He grew up in poverty, a truth he hides desperately. He is emotionally and physically abusive to wife Lauren.

CASSIE SMITH – Female-identified – early-mid 20s – African American. Young, ambitious journalist Cassie is an outsider of the group in many ways, but it does not phase her. She is strong-willed, quick-witted, and far more modern than most of her contemporary female counterparts.

TUCKER ALLSWORTH – Male-identified – early 40s – white. Trust fund playboy with a heart of heart of gold, in many ways Tucker is the most progressive of the group. He has once again brought a new girl to the evening’s festivities, but his affections for the young journalist Cassie are true and signify he may finally be ready to settle down.

Submission Information

Actors may send a headshot & resume to:, subject line: “Southern Gothic Submissions.” In the body of your email, please indicate availability throughout 2019.


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