The Playhouse’s summer camp is a place for every child to learn and grow through theater. Each week, we’ll use a different theme to explore the principles of creativity, and our commitment to inclusion means that every child will feel welcome. Whether your camper is a born-and-bred performer, the artsy designer-type, or a bookish playwright in-the-making, there’s a place for them at the Playhouse! To add to the fun, we’ll test the limits of the “theater space” to show kids that the magic of theater can be created anytime, anywhere.


From Hogwarts to Narnia, Oz to Middle Earth, this week we'll explore stories of magic! We'll learn how to create illusion onstage, explore characters from some of our favorite magical tales, and use imagination to create our own mystical worlds.   Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: June 25 - June 29 4th Grade - 6th Grade: July 9 - July 13


Are you more of mythical mermaid or legendary knight? Some of the greatest stories we know and love started as folk tales! This week, campers will explore narratives like King Arthur, Thor, Red Riding Hood, Paul Bunyan and more in a session that gets us back to the roots of theater: telling epic stories.   Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: July 30 - August 3 4th Grade - 6th Grade: August 6 - August 10


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes -- from Wonderwoman to Beyonce, your favorite teacher or your mom! This week, we'll perform stories of heroes (and villains), play games that let us try on different super powers, craft our our own capes and other protective gear, and devise sticky plots for our heroes to get in and out of.   Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: July 16 - July 20 4th Grade - 6th Grade: July 23 - July 27


Time to put your detective hat on... the Playhouse needs your help to solve a mystery! Through games, performance, and arts and crafts, our campers will explore what it's like to act the part of detective, solve tricky puzzles, keep secrets from other characters, and make a dramatic reveal. This week, Camp Playhouse is on the case!   Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: August 13 - August 17 4th Grade - 6th Grade: August 20 - August 24