A Brief History of Contemporary Latina Playwrights

July 12, 20172016

Playwright Fernanda Coppel is known for staying true to her Latina identity in the work she creates. Read on to learn about some of the other Latinas who have made an impact on the contemporary American theater scene. You might also enjoy: Q&A with KING LIZ playwright Fernanda Coppel Inside Look with actor turned director … Read More

Inside Look with Actor Turned Director, Rengin Altay

July 11, 20172016

If you have had a chance to see KING LIZ, I am sure you will not at all be surprised to hear that in addition to the talented actors, we have an equally talented and experienced team behind the scenes who helped the show come to life! We had the chance to sit down with … Read More

Q&A with King Liz Playwright Fernanda Coppel

May 6, 20172016

Fernanda Coppel We recently got the chance to speak with KING LIZ playwright and powerhouse, Fernanda Coppel. Read below for her take on diversity in theater, the value of young athletes, and the distinctions of writing for television and film vs. writing for the stage. Windy City Playhouse: Let’s start with Liz. She’s such a … Read More