The Sandbox is a reading series of new theatrical work that aligns with the Playhouse mission to create contemporary, relevant, and approachable art. All readings are open to the public and free of charge. Join us as we support the development of new work for the stage!

Up Next

Borne Dust

by Kimberly Dixon-Mays

directed by Mignon McPherson Stuart

Monday, September 17th at 7:30PM

A 30-something woman finds her tentative entrance into domesticity getting more unfamiliar and suffocating with every step. So after too many of the women in her life drown her in advice, warnings and war stories, she goes AWOL. But instead of this solving things, her world gets even more disorienting. Her departure disrupts more than her own life, and strange people come looking for even stranger answers. Will she find a way to answer to them, and herself?

Support the Sandbox

The Sandbox readings are free for you to attend, but they are not free for us to produce. If you would like to support the development of new work by emerging artists, please consider making a donation to support the Playhouse by donating online, by mail, or over the phone. If you would like to make a larger commitment by becoming a Sandbox reading series sponsor, call 312.374.3196 or email Evelyn Jacoby, Managing Director, at

How to Apply

Interested in having your new work in The Sandbox? Please submit a PDF with the following information:

• A one-paragraph synopsis of the play
• A one-paragraph statement explaining how the play fits into the theatre’s mission.
• The playwright’s bio
• Production history
• A one-line description of each character
• Playwright’s contact information
• A 10-page scene from the script – do not send the entire play.

Please note: Submissions that do not conform to the guidelines cannot be considered.